10 Solutions to Increase Jio 4G Speed above 40mbps

Reliance Jio 4g becomes very slow – Now get solutions to increase Jio 4G speed above 40mbps. Easily fix Jio slow 4g speed issue using following tutorials and get best out of your Jo 4g connection.

Jio delivers 4G speed over 60mbps but in reality users get only 5mbps to 15mbps for direct downloads as well as torrents but speed dramatically increases while playing JioTV or JioCinema – This happens because Jio has implemented some way to block speed for direct downloads & torrents.

Jio already capped speed for many users. Due to sudden load in 4G network, Jio 4G speed becomes very slow in peak hours – If 4g speed in your jio sim stay good for streaming but speed drops while downloading torrents or direct links, you can easily bypass Jio 4G speed restriction using solutions given below.


How to Check Maximum available speed in Jio 4g

All you need is to follow step below to get details of maximum available 4g speed in your current location:

  1. Install Internet Speed Meter lite from Google Play
  2. Be sure mobile network is connected to Band 40
  3. Install JioTV app in mobile > Launch ‘RIL AGM' Channel > Set Quality to High
  4. Keep eyes on speed meter and note down maximum speed during playback
  5. This Channel gives best speed while streaming media.

If you find speed is slow while streaming channel then be sure to avoid busy hours and be sure to fix Jio Speed Throttling Issue [Solutions] to get best speed available in your current location.

Solutions 1 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: Set 4G Band to 40 (2300Mhz)

1 crore worth of Question now coming from Jio 4G users is : Why Jio 4G speed is very slow ?

You need to clear up few thing before getting the answer.

Jio is using 3 LTE bands for 4G: Band 3 (1800Mhz), Band 5 (850Mhz) and Band 40 (2300Mhz)

If LTE Bands are arranged according to services then

Best 4G coverage : Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40

Best 4G Speed : Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5

Average 4G speed :

  • Band 40 : 30mbps+
  • Band 3 : 14mbps+
  • Band 5 : 5mbps+

Jio is using Band 5 for best coverage. Most of Jio 4G users get Band 5 in most of the times which is why average speed always remains under 10mbps. Due to low coverage of Band 40, getting access to Band 40 becomes very hard – Outcome is slow 4G speed !

Slow 4g speed on particular LTE band will be fixed once Jio completes carrier Aggregation upgradation on 4G network, afterwards, Jio users will get average speed of 20mbps regardless which band user is connected to – A combined speed of multiple LTE bands.

Now before that you need solution to increase Jio 4G speed for you Jio number.

Another million dollar question is : How to Check Jio 4G Bands ?


  • Download NetVelocity app
  • Turn on GPS
  • Open NetVelocity app
  • Tap on ‘+' sign > Select ‘RF information'
  • Now check value under ‘Band' :  2300 (Band 40), 1800 (Band 3) and 850 (Band 5)

Now follow steps to change LTE band for best speed

How to change Jio 4G Band ?

Changing 4G bands in MTK and Exynos Chip is very easy but it comes difficult for Snapdragon Chip. You can use ‘MTk Engineering app' for MTk chip, *#0011# command for Exynos Chip and ‘Shortcut Master (Lite)' for Snapdragon chip.

Check full details on how to change Jio 4G band here: How to Lock LTE Network to band 3, 5 or 40 [3 Solutions]

 Solutions 2 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which allows users to get access to Geo-restricted contents, Government restricted websites and it helps to unblock speed, unblocks torrents.

Besides increasing download speed, VPN also protects your identity, keep browsing & transactions information out of reach of hacker & malicious persons as well.

How VPN protect users ?

VPN protect Internet by tunneling users connections (Incoming & Outgoing) through 256 bit (or higher bit) encrypted server making almost impossible for operator or government to monitor what user's doing in background.


We have filtered and found following VPNs are working great for improving Jio 4G speed.

Following VPNs include common features :

  • 100+ VPN servers
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Speed
  • 256 bit Encryption
  • Encrypted WiFi
  • P2P& VoiP Support
  • Multiple Protocols
  • Zero logging
  • App for Windows, Mac, Android OS
  • And standalone features to fix speed issue

Always remember to avoid all types of free VPN service. ( Free VPN service tracks your every moves from browsing to money transactions – Using free VPN do not protect you online rather collect data & put privacy in risk)

Best VPNs to increase Jio 4G Speed

ExpressVPNexpress-vpn-logo$8.32/month [star rating=”4.5″]
VyPRVPNvypr-vpn-logo$7.5/month [star rating=”4.3″]
PureVPNpurevpn-logo$4.99/month [star rating=”4.3″]
PIAVPNpia-vpn-logo$3.33/month [star rating=”4.1″]

Once you start using VPN, browsing speed will improve a lot, media streaming & downloading will become much faster that earlier. Be sure to use IDM in Windows & iGetter in Mac for downloading both Torrents & Direct links.

We tested & found above VPNs are increasing Jio 4g speed significantly. You can go with 1 months VPN subscription then upgrade service to 3/6/12 months if you later find VPN works best and increases Jio speed a lot.

Solutions 3 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: Speedify

Speedify makes Jio 4G internet faster and helps to keep up constant speed. Speedify uses it own faster server for you to increase 4G speed to highest level. Plus point of using Speedify it automatically switch Cellular data to WiFi or WiFi data to Cellular when you need that.

Speedify automatically selects best server for you and start working on 4g speed upgrade to max level making both browsing & downloading speed increased to max level.


Plus point of using Speedify is that you can combine multiple Jio WiFI connections or combine multiple Jio WiFI+ Ethernet connections – In simple word,  Joining multiple internet connections for combined internet speed is possible using Speedify.

If you own two or more Jio 4G sim and want to combine connection for greater speed, for example two Jio 4G WiFi with speed of 40mbps each can be joined to get maximum combined speed of 80mbps.

Jio 4G speed before using Speedify


You need to buy WiFi adapter to connect extra WiFi connections on laptop/desktop and then using Speedify to join WiFi networks – This would boost Jio 4g speed like charm !

Jio 4G speed after using Speedify


Speedify free version offer just 1GB usage better buy Speedify (75% Off Limited time) yearly package for unlimited usage & maximum speed boost.

Solutions 4 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: DNS

DNS helps a lot to enhances browsing speed and keeps 4G speed constant while downloading contents using IDM or iGetter.

Jio users are mainly facing very slow browsing speed even in locations where downloading speed is significantly high.

DNS can fix Jio 4G slow browsing issue in seconds.

First of all decide the device for which your are going to use DNS: Mobile/Tablet/Laptop/MAC or MiFi Router

For mobile/laptop free DNS works great – but problem it speed up browsing speed while downloading speed remains as it is in most of the cases.

We have tested few free DNS services but none of them worked great except OpenDNS.

OpenDNS for IPv4 : and

OpenDNS for IPv6:  2620:0:ccc::2 and 2620:0:ccd::2

For MiFi Routers: MiFi Routers normally catches better signal resulting much faster 4G speed compared to Mobile. Only pad DNS works great in MiFi Router where free DNS will actually decreases speed at the end.

We have tested & found StrongDNS successfully increases Jio 4G speed from 6mbps to 40mbps. It's not very cheap just $5/month but we recommend you to buy StrongDNS 12 months package @$4.17/month rate.

How to use DNS in Mobile/Laptop/MiFi Roters ?

Remember you can use paid DNS in both mobile & MiFi but free DNS will only work best on mobile/laptop to enhance only browsing speed, you won't find significant changes in downloading speed from use of free DNS services.

How to use DNS in Android Mobile

follow steps below to successfully configure DNS address in both rooter & non-rooted android mobiles.

DNS for Non-Rooter Android Mobile

  • Download and install DNS Changer app
  • Open app > Select ‘OpenDNS' from available option
  • Now press ‘Start' button to connect DNS
  • For paid DNS use ‘Custom DNS' option

DNS for Rooter Android mobile

  • Download and install DNS + DNSCrypt Manager root app
  • Open app & grant root access
  • Enable DNS use option for both 2g/3g/LTE and WiFi options
  • Switch to ‘DNS Providers' tab
  • Enable ‘Custom DNS' option (Need to buy app)
  • Now put IP addresses of StrongDNS or OpenDNS
  • Go back to ‘DNS Management' tab
  • Tap ‘Enable Now' to start DNS service

How to use DNS in 4G MiFi device

Advantage of using DNS in MiFi level is that you don't have to setup each & every devices connected to that particular 4G MiFi for increasing 4G speed.

One you setup DNS in MiFi Router leave rest of the devices and enjoy upgraded speed in every new WiFi enabled devices connected to your personal MiFi module.

Firstly buy StrongDNS yearly subscription – Very cheap but works like charm > Go to ‘Member area' > Now choose any DNS server and wait till IP form changes > Now press ‘Save' button > Copy DNS addressees and save in Notepad or nay other Text manager app.

Now Connect Mobile or Desktop to MiFi WiFi Network > Go to Internet browser & open Router Admin panel > Now find Network or Modem related tab > Settings changes with change of Routers which is why we are giving you only locations > Now find any input area with title ‘Custom DNS' or ‘DNS Address' and enter StrongDNS IP addresses you just copied and ‘Save' changes

Now reboot Router for once and start using MiFi WiFi network for enhanced browsing speed as well as downloading speed. We've achieved constant 43mbps speed while using StrongDNS in MiFi Router.

How to use DNS in Windows OS ?

Step 1:  Click ‘Windows button + R' simultaneously to open command prompt > Now enter : ncpa.cpl and press ‘Enter'

Step 2: Now, Right-click on WiFi connection > Select ‘Properties'

Under ‘Networking' tab you will find option like:

Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv6) > Select it and click on ‘Properties' > Choose ‘Use the following DNS server addresses' and enter DNS address and save settings. You can also use IPv6 DNS addresses.

Solutions 5 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer app

This app is very useful for 4G users – Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer works in both RooT & Non-Root Android mobile to enhance internet speed.

Simply enable Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer to get best Jio 4G speed while on-the-go. App automatically customize settings and speedup network for best 4g speed.

Download and install Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer app > Enable profile ‘Non-Root User' or ‘Root user' depending on your mobile's root option and leave it running in background

App will increase Jio 4G speed in seconds – You get highest browsing & downloading speed available in your current location.

Solutions 6 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: APN Settings

Few changes in APN reported big change in Jio 4g speed – We have tested and found it working.

Before modifying APN default setting be sure to follow ‘Solution 1' then change APN as follows :

Step 1: Go to Android ‘Settings' > then ‘Cellular Networks' > then ‘Access Point Names'

Step 2: Now tap profile named: Jio 4G and change only items we mentioned below and leave rest of settings as it is:

  • Server: www.google.com
  • Authentication Type: None
  • APN type: Default
  • Bearer: LTE

Step 3: Now ‘Save' changes and select profile again.

Above changes will start working after you complete ‘Solution 7'.

Solutions 7 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: Clear Cache

Android system use few files randomly and saves them for enhancing performance of system as well as apps – Thse files are altogether called cache files.

Jio not only checks Sim related issues from these cache files but also can temporarily blocks users from downloading large contents – Removing ‘Cache' file will increase Jio 4G speed a lot.

Steps to clear Android cache: Go to Android ‘Settings' > Then ‘Storage & USB' > Under ‘Internal Storage', tap on ‘Cached data' > Tap ‘OK' when it ask:  ‘Clear cached data ?'


Now turn off cellular data > Reboot Android mobile and start using Jio 4G to get upgraded speed.

Solutions 8 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: Tether 4G Mobile

Jio 4G speed on mobile is always better than speed available in ‘Jio Mobile Hostpot' > This happens because of Android has no option to change WiFi channel or WiFi bands.

Tethering Android phone via Router will fix this problem in minutes. Android tether always serve better Internet speed.

You get best 4g signal is Mobile and advanced WiFi settings on Router – This combination not only helps to boost speed but also increase WiFi range – You can also use WiFi Range Extender to extend WiFi signal as well as cover vast area.

This tutorial s best for low cost 4G mobiles like LYF flame etc.

Check here: How to Tether Android Phone to Router (TP-Link. D-Link, Netgear, Linksys)

You can follow steps stated in above tutorial to increase Jio 4G speed as well as extend WiFi rage of any Android phone.

Solutions 9 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: MiFi Router

To get best out of Jio 4G network all you need is 4G MiFi Router or 4G Dongle. It gives best signal, speed and features over 4G mobiles.

4G signal always remains strong in 4G MiFi/Dongle and you get advanced functions to customize internet according to your need. Jio launches JioFi – You can use both data & voice using JioFi but LYF MiFi device is limited to few settings.


You can get recommended 4G MiFi Routers & Dongle for Jio 4G here: List of Reliance Jio 4G Supported MiFi, Dongle & WiFi Router

If you own 4G dongle then buy any 4G Router to make it work on Jio 4G network. Rest of the users can buy 4G MiFi Router and a Power-bank to get best Jio 4g speed anywhere anytime.

Solutions 10 to Increase Jio 4G Speed: Enhance 4G Signal

Last but not least : Way to increase Jio 4G signal in mobile or MiFi.

If you already selected band 40 and using VPN or DNS or Speedify but not getting enough speed then problem is in 4G Signal.

Always place 4g MiFi or 4g dongle or 4g Mobile (Tethered) in place where Band 40 is always available & signal is strong. You can use NetVelocity app to check details of 4G signal quality & connected 4G band.

Compact Disk (CD) also works as a great signal receptor – Using CD in 4G dongle enhances 4G speed a lot mainly in rural area where signal of Band is poor.

Bonus Tips: Increase Torrent download speed in Jio 4G

Torrent download speed in Jio 4g network is significantly very low.

To increase torrent download speed in Jio 4G always use IDM and this is possible only if you use Zbigz service – No matter what torrent size (GBs) or how old torrent is Zbiz will give you best 4G speed for downloading torrents.

Things to note:  Jio has fixed daily 4g data usage to 4GB/day for all new users under ‘Welcome Offer' but JioFi 4G router is free from all such limits – Jio users with multiple Sim  are recommended to use Seedify for joining multiple 4g connections and getting 80mbps+ speed.

10 Solutions to Increase Jio 4G Speed above 40mbps
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